Tubefilter Reviews SOLO the Series!

Logan Rapp over at TubeFilter News has written up a wonderful review of my latest webseries “SOLO the Series”. Some of my favorite snippets from the article:

    “…The show is shot very well – and very simply. A web series doesn’t have to prove itself by making as many trick shots as possible. Sometimes it’s just better to let the scene breathe, and SOLO does that well. The soundtrack is effective without being overbearing, heightening moments that need to be heightened and allowing the scene to do the work rather than covering up deficiencies with music cues. ”

    “…And speaking of the wife, if scene stealing a criminal offense, Michele Boyd (The Guild) would be doing a life sentence at this point…As Scott’s wife Rebecca, she’s able to play the pissed off spouse without succumbing to the ever-lingering trap of Shrew Wife Syndrome. It’s an easy trap to fall into, and difficult to avoid, but from what I’ve seen, she’s managing without any trouble (call me).”

    “…Win, Fail or Trainwreck: A solid Win.”

I’m really happy that this review came out. It’s the first ‘official’ outside viewpoint on this new webseries, and it’s more than a little gratifying to get good feedback! I’m so excited for Jonathan, as well. This was his first attempt at making an entire series, and he was more than willing to wait until we got the funding, the talent and the equipment to ensure that it turned out exactly how he saw it.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m PSYCHED at what the reviewer said about me personally. :D I’m one of those actors who cringe every time I see myself on screen, thinking about what I would’ve/could’ve/should’ve done better. I’m blessed when I get great material to work from, so mostly I’m terrified at not letting that shine through. So to hear that I was able to accomplish that is the best compliment I could get.

Little behind-the-scenes tidbit? In the first episode, where I’m pleading with the manager Jack Spratt (Jay Caputo) while walking towards him? What you don’t see is the ridiculously complex dolly track for the video camera that I’m trying desperately not to trip over during that speech. I’m also holding “eye contact” with a piece of tape on the camera case as it moves backwards until Jay can duck underneath it to meet me for our verbal exchange. You can barely tell, right? RIGHT?? Glad that worked out ;)

Read the full article from Tubefilter here.

2 comments on “Tubefilter Reviews SOLO the Series!

  1. I can’t wait to see more of SOLO!
    I’m very happy for you (and for all the SOLO crew) that the feedback has been good, and especially that the TUBEFILTER review said those things about you. Totally deserved. =)

    Also, really like the new website!

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