Michele Boyd

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From Neuroscience Researcher to Professional Actor: Michele Boyd in UCDavis One Aggie Network

Some press from my Alma Mater UC Davis

When I graduated from the University of California: Davis, it was with a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior (random side note, my auto-correct is flagging ‘neurobiology’ as a made-up word. All I can say is, that’s not on me). I had done internships at the primate center at UCD …[read more]

Michele Boyd at Florida SuperCon 2015

Headed to Florida SuperCon!

My latest series Doctor Who: The Soldier Stories will be screening episode 2 all weekend at Florida SuperCon in Miami! I’ll be there doing Q&A’s and signing pictures with J. Michael Tatum and Jami Harris, talking the Whovian universe and all things Doctor. They’re also going to be screening all …[read more]

My film “Bar America” at the Catalina Film Festival!

So incredibly blessed and happy that an indie film I shot, “Bar America” was accepted at both the Catalina Film Festival and the Napa Valley Film Festival.  This weekend was Catalina and it was the first time I’d ever been to Catalina.  What a great way to experience the island, …[read more]

Geek Cred Ep. 4: The New Status (Quid Pro) Quo

Only one more episode left!!! I can’t believe how quickly they’re going by. We shot all 5 episodes over 6 nights at The Comic Bug down in Manhattan Beach. We got extremely lucky to have such a great location that was willing to have a camera crew and raggedy actors …[read more]

Geek Cred Ep. 3: “To Hoth or not to Hoth”

This episode was the first one we shot, and probably my favorite one so far! I really love working with Wes, he’s got such great comic timing and is so fun to banter back and forth with! I promise I don’t hate him as much as my character seems to …[read more]