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Voiceover Commercial Reel

I’ve only recently been able to start delving into VO work, having recently signed with the fantastic people over at Daniel Hoff Agency for Voiceover! My current commercial demo reel is below, please send email regarding all business voiceover inquiries to Arlene Glucksman-Jones (arlene@danielhoffagency.com) Michele Boyd Commercial Voiceover Demo:

From Neuroscience Researcher to Professional Actor: Michele Boyd in UCDavis One Aggie Network

Some press from my Alma Mater UC Davis

When I graduated from the University of California: Davis, it was with a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior (random side note, my auto-correct is flagging ‘neurobiology’ as a made-up word. All I can say is, that’s not on me). I had done internships at the primate center at UCD …[read more]

Joining Ken Napzok on the Casterly Talk podcast!

I love my Game of Thrones people.  I especially love my old cohost Ken Napzok on his continuing podcast ‘Casterly Talk” on Anchor.fm! I joined him this week to discuss all new news of our favorite show, why I had to emotionally check out of Season 8 in order to …[read more]

Booked a Principal role on The Young and The Restless!

You haven’t lived until you get to book the craziness that is daytime television. I was incredibly psyched to book this principal role on CBS’s longtime running series ‘The Young and The Restless!” as a new love interest named “Sarah” for long-running character ‘Nick Newman.”  Actor Joshua Morrow made it …[read more]

“Watching Thrones” is coming back!

Pleased to announced my ‘Game of Thrones’ after-show “Watching Thrones” WILL be back for the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones! We will be airing on ScreenJunkies.com at 11am every Monday after each Game of Thrones episode.   I’ll be joined again by the fabulous Roth Cornet and Spencer …[read more]