Some press from my Alma Mater UC Davis

From Neuroscience Researcher to Professional Actor: Michele Boyd in UCDavis One Aggie Network
Michele Boyd in UCDavis One Aggie Network Newsletter

When I graduated from the University of California: Davis, it was with a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior (random side note, my auto-correct is flagging ‘neurobiology’ as a made-up word. All I can say is, that’s not on me). I had done internships at the primate center at UCD and also with a PhD student working on his thesis about elephant behavior. I was headed to the east coast to start a job barely one step above internship at the National Institute of Health. I had no idea everything would lead me back to California to work as an actor, nor do I think I would’ve changed anything.

Still, I was surprised when the alumni newsletter reached out, asking if I would do an interview about my journey. I’d honestly always thought of myself as more of a cautionary tale rather than something to draw attention. It was still extremely flattering, and not a little validating. My family and friends had always been extremely supportive of my career change, but this piece was just a small token of affirmation that I deeply appreciate. Many thanks to UCD and to Ashley Han for the article!

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