Michele Boyd

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From Neuroscience Researcher to Professional Actor: Michele Boyd in UCDavis One Aggie Network

Some press from my Alma Mater UC Davis

When I graduated from the University of California: Davis, it was with a degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior (random side note, my auto-correct is flagging ‘neurobiology’ as a made-up word. All I can say is, that’s not on me). I had done internships at the primate center at UCD …[read more]

Geek Cred Episode 1: “NEW COMICS DAY CRISIS”

It’s here! It’s here! The first episode of my newest series GEEK CRED is here! True to my argumentative core, my character CALLIE immediately gets into a battle of wits with fellow comic book store employee BEN (Wes Robertson) over whether Wonder Woman’s costume could be deemed a tactical advantage. …[read more]

Giving advice to Jenna Coleman about San Diego Comic-Con

BBC America celebrated 50 years of Doctor Who at this year’s San Diego Comic Con by asking Whovians advice about surviving. They caught my sister and I eyeing the BBC America merchandise and grabbed us for our take on the matter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28yxL9OPzPs

Team Unicorn featured in GEEK Magazine!

Geek Magazine is back after a two year hiatus, and they got Team Unicorn in their first issue! Four pages of sparkly unicorn goodness with photos, individual profiles and the takedown of a mighty metal monster (naturally). The magazine goes up online in late June 2012, but it’s on newsstands …[read more]

Team Unicorn Interview with Electric Playground

Miri Jedeikin from The Electric Playground did a great little interview with us about the videos we’ve run so far.  Rileah’s backyard has become our default studio locale, it seems. What you guys can’t see is the zombie crawling out of the ground behind us. ;)