Geek Cred Episode 1: “NEW COMICS DAY CRISIS”

It’s here! It’s here! The first episode of my newest series GEEK CRED is here! True to my argumentative core, my character CALLIE immediately gets into a battle of wits with fellow comic book store employee BEN (Wes Robertson) over whether Wonder Woman’s costume could be deemed a tactical advantage. I truly loved working on this show and all the scenarios are pretty true to life thanks to writer/director Daniel Beals (playing SPENCER)’s real world experience working at a comic store. You also get to meet Damion Poitier (Jarhead, Avengers) as regular customer JEROME, who really should be working at the store himself.

And we’ve already got some writeups! Thanks to all the wonderful people who’ve covered the show so far, hope you continue watching!

Adventures in Poor Taste
Adventures in Poor Taste










Strawburry17 Press for Geek Cred











Defective Geeks
Defective Geeks - Geek Cred










Thank you to everyone who’s supported the show so far! And this wouldn’t be complete without a HUGE thank you to our Indiegogo campaign backers for making this show possible!! You can find out more info about the show at its home site

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