Geek Cred Episode 2: “Detective Comics Store”

Almost 5,000 views on our first episode!! Yay! So glad for all the positive feedback and excited to release the second episode!

When one of Spencer’s prize comics goes missing, EVERYONE’S a suspect in this week’s GEEK CRED. Guest starring Parks & Recreation’s JIM O’HEIR.

As a huge fan of Parks & Rec, I was so thrilled to work with Jim O’Heir! If for some insane reason you don’t watch that show, you may also recognize him from the Justin Long film “Accepted“! But really, if you’re not watching Parks & Rec, there’s probably something more seriously wrong with you. Jim is really great and funny and it’s so great he came out to work with us!

You can keep up with even more GEEK CRED news by going to its website!

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