Team Unicorn featured in GEEK Magazine!

Geek Magazine is back after a two year hiatus, and they got Team Unicorn in their first issue! Four pages of sparkly unicorn goodness with photos, individual profiles and the takedown of a mighty metal monster (naturally).

The magazine goes up online in late June 2012, but it’s on newsstands now!

Although they did misquote me about Super Meat Boy (I love that game! Did I misunderstand the question?), I love that they included my somewhat embarrassing story about insisting everyone call me “Karen” in the fourth grade.  Plus I look nice and sneaky in my profile picture.  ;)



One comment on “Team Unicorn featured in GEEK Magazine!

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they misquoted you. I spotted a few gaffs, like referring to the Nightsisters as Knight Sisters that had me wondering if different people were writing off of someone’s recorded notes (and weren’t real Star Wars geeks in one case).

    But it’s good to see Geek back and great to see Team Unicorn in it.

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