Geek Cred Ep. 4: The New Status (Quid Pro) Quo

Only one more episode left!!! I can’t believe how quickly they’re going by.

We shot all 5 episodes over 6 nights at The Comic Bug down in Manhattan Beach. We got extremely lucky to have such a great location that was willing to have a camera crew and raggedy actors tramping all over their store, oohing and ahhing over the latest merchandise. They basically had to pry me away from the Doctor Who collectibles because I want an Ood SO FREAKIN MUCH.

This episode also brought some well received estrogen into the store in the form of MeganMichelle (Miley Yamamoto) as the new girl hired by Spencer to take a missing employee’s place. We also got an actual superhero! Mike O’Hearn (American Gladiators) has played Superman in the past, but he guest starred this week as MeganMichelle’s hunky boytoy Caleb.

Check out the rest of the episodes on Geek Cred’s website or on their YouTube page!

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