New website design!!

I’m SO excited, I really feel this site needed a major overhaul! Thanks to my friend Edgar Garcia, the site had looked really great before, but I felt kind of limited by only using someone else’s design. I really wanted most of the information to be on the front page, to avoid numerous click-throughs in order to get to actual information. I also wanted it to be more of a social media hub, representing all the various sites I’m active on throughout my life. The idea is that the website would be a good encompassing tool to show off my professional life but keep it personal enough to make it interesting (hopefully!).

So I enlisted the help of the wonderful Amanda Shockley, and we went to work! Thanks go to her for putting up with my (many!) emails back and forth about how I wanted the look to be.

So go on, take a look around. Leave comments! :D

5 comments on “New website design!!

  1. I think we passed the 100 mark on emails a few days ago :) I’m just glad you like it. Again if you need any help with anything you know where to find me.

  2. I am just as excited about the new blog post… :P

    This is definitely looking snazzier and adding more of the social widgets is a definite plus.

    Make sure to keep last FM current so I have a place to sample your music, I know your GoodReads is pretty up to date and you’re a great source for reading materials.

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