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Ask questions. #Kony2012

The Kony2012 video (for the 1% of you who haven’t seen it yet, it is here) is a brilliant piece of filmmaking.  It’s 30 minutes of  sympathetic and evocative imagery, tugging at your heartstrings and tapping into that inherent sense of altruism that I personally believe is one of the …[read more]

Twitter is analogous to “Everybody Poops”

I occasionally take Twitter a little for granted. Not that I’m not appreciative of the way that it works for me personally, but I forget that it connects other people the same way.  I came across a conversation between Neil Gaiman and Laurell K. Hamilton (Two of my very favorite …[read more]

Christmas Gifts!

Yeah I know, I know. It’s too late to ACTUALLY get any of these things for other people. But I bet there are people that got you so-so presents and COMPLETELY neglected your direct wish to get that full-size replica of you encased in carbonite. Here’s a few things that …[read more]

Seattle, ho!

I used to travel all the time. At first by necessity due to my parents’ military life, and then by choice. I could argue that it was due to a new school or a new job opportunity, but in all honesty, I just love traveling. I haven’t been able to …[read more]

G33k & G4M3R Girls Song Lyrics!!

I know Break.com is working on getting an official link to the lyrics up, but in the meantime, here they are! —— “G33k & G4M3R Girls” Greetings friends…. Don’t you want to meet a nice girl? (First verse) I, know a place Where the gamer scores are so extreme (bloop …[read more]

Photoshoot with Mari Provencher!

So anyone’s who’s seen photos from this past Comic Con may know my closest friends and I cosplayed as The Sailor Scouts (which was both awesome and probably the geekiest thing I’ve ever done) Well, our own Sailor Mercury (cosplayed by Mari Provencher) is a very accomplished photographer. I was …[read more]