Photoshoot with Mari Provencher!


So anyone’s who’s seen photos from this past Comic Con may know my closest friends and I cosplayed as The Sailor Scouts (which was both awesome and probably the geekiest thing I’ve ever done)
Michele Boyd with the rest of the Sailor Scouts

Well, our own Sailor Mercury (cosplayed by Mari Provencher) is a very accomplished photographer. I was looking for some shots that weren’t quite so “headshot-y”. Here are some of the photos from the shoot, which I was VERY pleased with!!

See more of the shoot on my Flickr Photostream.

MicheleBoyd001 MicheleBoyd010 MicheleBoyd004 MicheleBoyd002 MicheleBoyd003

10 comments on “Photoshoot with Mari Provencher!

  1. These are gorgeous. Beautiful outfits, nice variety, and OMG you look so great in a hat! It frames your face so well and really brings out your eyes. These photos earn the first ever Penguin Seal of Approval.

  2. Why is the web page layout so weird? There’s a small photo on the left, a huge gap in the middle, and two thumbnails at opposite sides of the screen at the bottom. It’s difficult to actually see the pictures, and I’ve tried three browsers.

  3. ? I don’t know what you’re seeing…Is it for the whole page or just this one post? I just checked my site with both Firefox and IE and it looks normal to me. Anyone have any ideas about why the format looks strange to some people?

  4. Hey Michele, love the photos. The layout issue that was mentioned can be seen when you click on any of the thumbnails. I’m seeing it in FF and Chrome. It looks like the image pages are missing the container wrapper () around the content area.

  5. Ahh, yes. I believe it’s a problem with the Flickr widget I was using to show various photos from the album. Will work on it, thanks for the heads up :)

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