SOLO the Series, Episode 3!

First of all, a full Comic Con 2010 related post is forthcoming, with info on all the panels/signings and such that I’ll be attending in between attempts to NOT squeal like a fan girl at all the neat stuff they have this year. However, I’m currently in the process of the excruciating decision of WHAT CLOTHES TO BRING.  I have geek t-shirts, cosplay outfits, non-geek-but still cute t-shirts, cute dresses for night time activities…IT’S ALL SO MUCH TO BEAR.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have had that second cup of coffee.


Here’s episode 3 of SOLO the Series! I think it’s the funniest of the three we’ve posted so far, and Jonathan tells me the donations continue to roll in to help us keep shooting the rest of Season 1!! Want to donate and earn my undying love? Go here.

One comment on “SOLO the Series, Episode 3!

  1. you gals showing up as “Pretty Soldier Sailors” made my day.

    episode three IS hilarious.


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