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Posts Tagged ‘team unicorn’

Sneak peek photos from upcoming Team Unicorn music video “For The Win!”

Words cannot even describe how much epic awesomeness will be happening in the next Team Unicorn music video. I’m insanely excited, and while these sneak pictures are amazing, they STILL aren’t even covering the BIG surprise of the video! But it’s still a good taste of what’s to come, yes? ;) Look for another sneak peek tomorrow with a teaser video!!  

Team Unicorn at Red 5 Studios’ FIREFALL FEST!

While I’ve worked with Red 5 before (webseries! coming soon! :) ) on my own, the rest of the Team hadn’t gotten to meet with them yet. So as part of their promotion for Firefall (a free-to-play MMORPG), Red 5 was launching a week long affair called Firefall Fest, where they invited various people to come and play for a few hours to try out the game for themselves! Live. Streaming. The entire live stream from that morning is below. Want it in HD? http://youtu.be/FOuZrZCYiLo?hd=1 It was especially cool for me because I got to see the set where my in-studio stuff for the webseries with Red 5 would also be shooting. It looks so cool!!! I can’t wait to start filming again (And I’m not saying any more about it. The name may change and I don’t want to start teasing it too soon. But SO fun! :)) While none […]

Team Unicorn featured in GEEK Magazine!

Geek Magazine is back after a two year hiatus, and they got Team Unicorn in their first issue! Four pages of sparkly unicorn goodness with photos, individual profiles and the takedown of a mighty metal monster (naturally). The magazine goes up online in late June 2012, but it’s on newsstands now! Although they did misquote me about Super Meat Boy (I love that game! Did I misunderstand the question?), I love that they included my somewhat embarrassing story about insisting everyone call me “Karen” in the fourth grade.  Plus I look nice and sneaky in my profile picture.  ;)    

Team Unicorn featured on G4’s “Top 100 Video Games” June 11-15th

G4 TV is debuting a week-long special all about the Top 100 Video Games of All Time starting June 11th and running til the 15th (8pm PST). Team Unicorn was asked to come in and talk about all the random games that we were obsessed with while growing up. I was shocked at how many games from childhood I had forgotten about that I had LOVED (Burger Time!). Also more than likely got a little too excited talking about current favorites like Mass Effect and Gears of War.   Here’s an example of the little snippets from the video. I’m ACTUALLY talking about Silent Hill here, but it definitely works for Silent Hill 2 as well. ;) PS3 Games – E3 2012 – Silent Hill 2 Go check out me and the rest of Team Unicorn all this week on G4 alongside every possible celeb you can think of. We’re […]

Team Unicorn’s Star Wars Kinect Panel at Emerald City Comic Con 2012

Team Unicorn’s “Star Wars Kinect” Panel at Emerald City Comic-Con 2012 is now up on YouTube! Moderated by the always fantastic Bonnie Burton from StarWars.com, we talked about our experiences with the Star Wars Kinect game as well as making far too many inappropriate Star Wars jokes in general. (Shocking, I know..) Side note, Milynn got asked to Prom! So cute!

2012 IAWTV Awards!

The rest of Team Unicorn and I were so excited to be nominated for “Best Variety Series” at this year’s International Academy of Web Television Awards, being held in Las Vegas’s CES convention.  We were also invited to be presenters for Best Costume Design, Best Makeup/Special Effects and Best Visual Effects alongside Nar Williams from Fanboy Funhouse! After last year’s fairly disastrous effort (when IAWTV and The Streamy’s were the same award show), we’d all been a little trepidatious about this year, but thankfully, from the response time to all of our questions to the really well done rehearsal beforehand (REHEARSAL this year! Yay!), we felt like it was going to go a lot better.  And it didn’t disappoint! Clare and I came into Vegas the day before to settle into our hotel room. I’m always amazed at how much more beautiful Vegas is at night.  During the day, it’s flat, ugly […]