2012 IAWTV Awards!

IAWTV Awards

The rest of Team Unicorn and I were so excited to be nominated for “Best Variety Series” at this year’s International Academy of Web Television Awards, being held in Las Vegas’s CES convention.  We were also invited to be presenters for Best Costume Design, Best Makeup/Special Effects and Best Visual Effects alongside Nar Williams from Fanboy Funhouse!

After last year’s fairly disastrous effort (when IAWTV and The Streamy’s were the same award show), we’d all been a little trepidatious about this year, but thankfully, from the response time to all of our questions to the really well done rehearsal beforehand (REHEARSAL this year! Yay!), we felt like it was going to go a lot better.  And it didn’t disappoint!

Clare and I came into Vegas the day before to settle into our hotel room. I’m always amazed at how much more beautiful Vegas is at night.  During the day, it’s flat, ugly and dirty, but nighttime transforms it into this gorgeous twinklng vista glinting at you in the darkness.

(View from our hotel room at the Cosmopolitan. So pretty!)

We got our scripts the morning of the awards after checking into our hotel. Sadly, only Clare and I were able to make it to the actual awards, but the writers made sure we mentioned the other ‘legs of our team’.  Afterward, it was a mad dash back to our hotel rooms to get all pretty for the red carpet and the awards ceremony itself.

(All clean and purdy. Clare Grant, Nar Williams and Me)

Incidentally, Nar’s show had also been nominated for Best Variety Series alongside Team Unicorn.  We were all waiting backstage waiting to present our categories when we  simultaneously realized we weren’t actually going to be in the audience when Best Variety Series was announced, so if we won, we were going to have to sprint out onto the stage. I was all prepped and had my four inch heels kicked off just in case, but sadly, we didn’t win.  Congrats to ‘Things Kids Say’, though, it had been one of my favorite nominations.

Clare and I quickly ran back to change into comfy clothes for the remainder of the night. The dress was awesome, but give me jeans any day of the week. ;) And it was so much fun to see our friends with the well deserved awards from the night.

(Sean Becker, Clare Grant, Michele Boyd, Beau Ryan)
(Me and Greg Aronowitz with his well deserved IAWTV award)

Thank you so much IAWTV and Vegas! See you next year! :D


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  1. Oh! I can’t believe you guys didn’t win! The shorts I’ve seen have all been awesome. Cheers from your San Diego peeps for the nomination, and looking forward to seeing whats coming up next =]

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