Team Unicorn at Red 5 Studios’ FIREFALL FEST!

While I’ve worked with Red 5 before (webseries! coming soon! :) ) on my own, the rest of the Team hadn’t gotten to meet with them yet. So as part of their promotion for Firefall (a free-to-play MMORPG), Red 5 was launching a week long affair called Firefall Fest, where they invited various people to come and play for a few hours to try out the game for themselves! Live. Streaming.

The entire live stream from that morning is below.
Want it in HD?

It was especially cool for me because I got to see the set where my in-studio stuff for the webseries with Red 5 would also be shooting. It looks so cool!!!

I can’t wait to start filming again (And I’m not saying any more about it. The name may change and I don’t want to start teasing it too soon. But SO fun! :))

Mission Control for the Firefall Fest stream. Reminds me of that crazytacular hacking scene from Swordfish
Oh, sure. THEY got a Tiki Bar. Forget that we started at 10am, Unicorns demand shots before shooting.

While none of us are strangers to MMORPGs, Milynn and I were probably the most experienced at them and I was the only one who had played any bit of Firefall thus far (the game is only for PC and unfortunately doesn’t have a Mac build yet). The game really is beautiful and wonderfully detailed, especially for a free-to-play. It also reiterated to me that I REALLY need to get my glasses replaced. Damn screens were about 20 feet away and as bad as I am at PVP normally, it’s nothing compared to how bad I could be when I wasn’t a foot and a half away from my computer. ;) Still, the community couldn’t have been more welcoming (Thanks guys to all of you that came out and played along with us).

Red 5 made a serious tactical error fairly soon on in the stream, however. Oh yes, mistakes were made.

They gave us ponies!!

Word to the wise, my friends. NEVER give a unicorn a toy if you want them to focus. ESPECIALLY a My Little Pony unicorn toy! Hopefully we calmed ourselves relatively quickly, but the initial squeeing had to have been heard from space. If astronauts had supersonic bat hearing.

It was an extremely thoughtful and fun gift (and shows they do indeed know what we like). I don’t know if getting them in our colors was deliberate or not (if you pay attention, you’ll notice each of us tend to stay the same color no matter what we dress up as), but that was an extra awesome touch.

The stream continues all this week and concludes Saturday with Nathan Fillion and Alison Haislip playing through the evening. Don’t miss it!

The link for the livestream is here as well as a place to email for beta invites and getting more fun stuff from Red 5! Thanks to all the guys there for having us and I can’t wait to see you again!


One comment on “Team Unicorn at Red 5 Studios’ FIREFALL FEST!

  1. Yeah! I call shenanigans on how far away the monitors were from you ladies. Watching the stream today I noticed they moved the monitors (Mr Sark must’ve refused to play otherwise…such a diva he is) onto the coffee table in front of the ‘Red Neck Porch Benches’ they had on set. I’ve been having a ton of fun playing FireFall! I’m already a tier 2 recon with almost the entire tier 2 tree unlocked (What! I have a lot of time on my hands this time of year lol.) Thank You for hooking me up with a beta key. I’ve already picked up a Founding Member Commander pack and plan to support the game with red bean purchases when it comes out. I want to do my part to keep the game going! It’s a cool concept…Free to play but ‘basically’ donate to keep it going! Love It

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