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Posts Tagged ‘acting’

Geek Cred Episode 1: “NEW COMICS DAY CRISIS”

It’s here! It’s here! The first episode of my newest series GEEK CRED is here! True to my argumentative core, my character CALLIE immediately gets into a battle of wits with fellow comic book store employee BEN (Wes Robertson) over whether Wonder Woman’s costume could be deemed a tactical advantage. I truly loved working on this show and all the scenarios are pretty true to life thanks to writer/director Daniel Beals (playing SPENCER)’s real world experience working at a comic store. You also get to meet Damion Poitier (Jarhead, Avengers) as regular customer JEROME, who really should be working at the store himself. And we’ve already got some writeups! Thanks to all the wonderful people who’ve covered the show so far, hope you continue watching! Adventures in Poor Taste                 Strawburry17                     Defective Geeks […]

Geek Cred Teaser Trailer!

My new webseries Geek Cred premieres June 18th! But a teaser trailer is available to show a sneak peek of the first five episodes!

Nissan commercials!!

Got to film TWO spots for Nissan alongside Ryan Churchill that have just started airing, and they’re up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. It was the first car commercial I’ve ever done, and we even knew we’d be using Bruno Mars’s ‘Runaway Baby’ in the spots, so we had lots of footage of us singing along.  It was also the first time I’ve ever had a stunt driver!  We shot both all around downtown LA and then out in the Santa Clarita mountains for those rugged shots. Had such a blast doing them, hope they run allll summer ;)   That “snow” we’re standing on is real, by the way. Sort of. They shaved these HUGE blocks of ice right in the middle of downtown Los Angeles to cover the ground. And while it didn’t get shown, we’re in bare feet at times! Nothing like bonding with a co-star […]

Geek Cred…Engage!

The launch party for my new show “Geek Cred” was so much fun! The main man behind it all, Daniel Beals, is a genuine lover of comics and all things geek. They launched the IndieGogo campaign on Wed, Feb 5th with a goal of $36,000 to try and fund the entire first season of the show. But the lovely thing about IndieGogo is that you can keep any and all money raised, so at the very least, you guys will definitely get to see a few episodes before ComicCon. More info: GEEK CRED is a new workplace comedy series set in a comic book store. Created by Daniel Beals (Mediating Kidnapper, Old Rivalry, The Zombie Whisperer) the show stars Michele Boyd (Team Unicorn, How I Met Your Mother, FlashForward), Wes Robertson (Dwelling, Blunderkind, Hell & Mr. Fudge), Damion Poitier (True Blood, Pair of Kings, Hunter Prey and The Avengers), and […]

Resident Evil: Vengeance

My good friend Matt Mullins knew how I felt about killin’ me some zombies, so of course I leapt at the chance to appear as Claire Redfield in his latest fan film short “Resident Evil: Vengeance“. The film premiered yesterday at ‪SuperCon yesterday in Brazil for a crowd of 20,000. Not too shabby! Click the header to jump to the video.

Firefall Live Action Trailer

I was asked to reprise my role as the video game Firefall’s most badass engineer, “Mourningstar”.   Them putting me in a jet pack was just amazing icing on the RPG cupcake. The special effects on this trailer are truly epic, and I always love working with this crew! They disabled embedding for this video, but you can check out the YouTube vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drgUQbYZFMY&feature=share&list=TLSVw2pdrAptI