Nissan commercials!!

Got to film TWO spots for Nissan alongside Ryan Churchill that have just started airing, and they’re up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

It was the first car commercial I’ve ever done, and we even knew we’d be using Bruno Mars’s ‘Runaway Baby’ in the spots, so we had lots of footage of us singing along.  It was also the first time I’ve ever had a stunt driver!  We shot both all around downtown LA and then out in the Santa Clarita mountains for those rugged shots. Had such a blast doing them, hope they run allll summer ;)


That “snow” we’re standing on is real, by the way. Sort of. They shaved these HUGE blocks of ice right in the middle of downtown Los Angeles to cover the ground. And while it didn’t get shown, we’re in bare feet at times! Nothing like bonding with a co-star over frozen feet ;)

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