Watching Thrones 2017 all in one place!

Fellow Game of Thrones people! My Screen Junkies show “Watching Thrones” has ended for another season. But you can find all episodes from this season here on a YouTube playlist! And check out my YouTube channel for individual Game of Thrones-oriented videos I’ll be putting out throughout the off season.

Watching Thrones Playlist on Screen Junkies News

This season was such a blast because there was so much to unpack. We’re completely beyond the books and while sometimes it seemed as if the showrunners were as clueless towards direction as we all were, there were some absolutely incredible moments and I couldn’t wish for a better crew to talk it over with.  I loved our guest stars this year, too! We were so lucky to have some amazing Game of Thrones fans come in and talk shop.

Much love to my cohosts Spencer Gilbert and Roth Cornet along with all the wonderful guest stars we had this season:

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