Booked Amazon’s “The Last Tycoon”

Anyone who knows me knows I love dressing up for roles. A corset, a long wig, pretty much any kind of costume and I’m totally happy. Granted, that’s probably because I haven’t booked any lengthy period pieces as of yet but for those weekly roles, I’m really pleased to get into hair and wardrobe. A role in The Last Tycoon set in the 1920s was so much fun and I was so pleased to join the cast.

This booking was a little unusual, because while I was called in for a different co-star (that ended up getting cut from the episode, naturally), they asked if I’d be willing to accept a different role entirely. Essentially I’d be playing an actress, playing another actress, playing another actress! If you’re confused, so was I. But it involved dressing up, a crazy wig, a mask, waltzing with Prince Charming in a royal ballroom. Girlhood dream, achieved.

Both the lovely Jessica De Gouw and I were playing the same role, with “The Walking Dead’s” Ross Marquand playing our Prince Charming. All of us had dance training, but we still all took about two hours of waltz training for the particular scene. It was such an incredibly fun scene to shoot and I got to be Cinderella for a day. With an irish accent.

You can watch my episode “Burying the Boy Genius” (Season 1, Episode 4) on Amazon Prime Video.

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