Girl Gamer @ 2009 Dr. Horrible/The Guild Screening for Charity!

So Cricket Lee (the awesome gamer girl behind…well…GirlGamer) caught me at the Beverly Regency Theater at the benefit screening for the charity Kids Need to Read.  Considering I never had my head out of a book for more than 30 seconds at a time while I was growing up and was a proud winner of EVERY summer reading contest imaginable at the Coronado Public Library at age 10, I was so excited to go to this screening for a myriad of reasons. I gotta say, being able to see Dr. Horrible and The Guild on a big screen was fantastic, and of course, the fans were amazing. They turned it into a REAL Sing-Along-Blog!

The interview also has clips from Vince Caso aka “Dude with the hair” ;) and the great people at, who had put on the event:

Cricket and I knew each other from shooting Season 2 of The Guild, and she’s appeared as an extra in a few episodes as well. :) At the screening, we talked about girl gamers in general, The Guild, and, naturally, the latest Halo game. Love!

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