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My poor little five year old PC just couldn’t keep up with my World of Warcraft raiding demands, (i.e. going to like 2 frames per second during the latest boss kill) so for the sake of mine and my guildmates’ sanity, it was time to upgrade.   Naturally the most important decision was what to name my newest little technobaby!  My last two harddrives had been named Skynet and The Matrix, so it had a lot to live up to.  I opened suggestions up to Twitter and was happy and yet not surprised at all about the fantastic ideas.   True to one of the things I love about the nerd world; there were still a few suggestions I had to look up, teaching me yet again that there is always more out there to enjoy. So here is the list of my favorite geektastic suggestions for a new CPU. I tried to give credit to the first person to suggest the name; there were more than a couple duplicates. P.S. – I ended up naming it “Crystal Tokyo.”  (Crystal Moon Power!!)

  • Bob (@OMGstevechuaFTW)
  • Deep Thought (@MattyD47)
  • The White Walker (@StephenIvyUSM)
  • Idris (@DangerShoes)
  • The Void (@edrafalko)
  • Galactica Actual (@ElementalAmber)
  • Oracle (@Damocles_74)
  • 9906947XB71 (@Derek_Silver)
  • Planet Express (@Insert_funny)
  • Mother (@kklawfirm)
  • Dulcinea del Toboso (@XavanQ)
  • EDI (@Rurouni1029)
  • Mjolnir (@CAllenHarris)
  • HAL (@mookatron)
  • ED209 (@CStockRun)
  • Teletran-1 (@jquiz)
  • Titan (@IMikewallis)
  • Brainiac (@loonyboi)
  • Joshua (@GamerBura)
  • HARDAC (@rayclone)
  • Tartaros (@ngeekify)
  • OASIS (@vermeet)
  • Regulus_HUB (@scooter313)
  • Johnny 5 (@seansands)
  • Rei Toi (@ItinerantMonk)
  • GlaDos (@jedisaber)
  • Q (@Wanderingigor1)
  • Spaceball One (@thomasserio)
  • Jarvis / Alfred (@AssortedNoise)
  • WOPR (@BuffloChicknGuy)
  • TK421 (@seanthings)
  • The Infernal Machine (@EddieHades)
  • SHODAN (@mike521812)
  • Colossus (@AndreCJenkins)
  • Moya (@macrogeek)

Thanks for all the awesome suggestions, twitterverse!

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