Something like this comes along every….NEVER!

So in addition to getting to be a part of something awesome like The Guild, I also get asked to work again and again with the SUPER AWESOME people that are ALSO in The Guild! Jeff Lewis (Vork) asked fellow unicorn Milynn Sarley and I to be a part of his latest endeavor, “The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour“.

We play strip poker.

Bring it.

A few notes:

We were shooting this in the basement of someone’s apartment complex, so we had to stop every 10 minutes because the elevator was right next to the room and it made an incredible amount of racket.

Milynn and I sang a few bars of porn music to get us in proper stripping mood.

To make sure that we popped up in the right place without appearing in the mirror behind everyone, we had to crawl behind a couch and through a few wires and lights. Production stopped when I knocked into one of the lights.  Glamor glamor glamor.

One comment on “Something like this comes along every….NEVER!

  1. This is going to sound bad. But only because I’m not a very decent human being.

    This video went sideways fast and wound up in the exact opposite place of the place I was hoping for.

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