New Commercial Booking for Groupon with Tiffany Haddish!

I adore this comedian.  Tiffany Haddish did such an amazing job in films like Girls Trip that I was so psyched to book this commercial alongside Groupon’s most fabulous spokesperson.  I played a paddleboarder because of course, Groupon covers all the things you could ever want to do, including paddleboarding! Also loved working alongside director Jody Hill from Eastbound and Down.

I have to admit, I was too scared to ask Tiffany for a photo, but she seemed like she would’ve been fine with it, just a very chill and cool person to work with.  The commercial had her doing a very long shot with lots of movement and very specific directions and timing of her speech which I know from experience is incredibly difficult! But she handled it like the champ she is.

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