My Acceptance Speech at the 2010 Streamy Awards

2010 Streamy Awards

By now I’m sure you’ve read the various blogs/rants/apologies swirling around last night’s Streamy Awards. From the technical glitches to the over-long bits, the streaking and the gay jokes, the entire event did indeed feel like a tech rehearsal gone wrong. However, it was the overall tone that the awards show took over the course of the evening that truly bothered me. Celebrities’ speeches and even prepared videos seemed to undermine and at times openly mock the medium that we were supposed to be there to celebrate. Perhaps what finally did it for me was Kevin Pollak’s intro to the Best Guest Star in a Web Series Award. It was, simply, mean. “When they asked me to present the best guest star in a web series award, I thought, ‘Wow, my ship has really come in’. ” “Because let’s face it, being asked to work on a friend’s web series is the new jury duty.” “Why don’t you go out and get your own damn series.”

I wasn’t nominated for the award, and in truth, for a few seconds during Mr. Pollak’s speech, I was almost glad I hadn’t been. How did he think the award recipients would feel after being introduced like that?

However, because of how I feel about guest starring on The Guild and because it’s my own damn blog and I can do whatever I feel like, here is my acceptance speech for Best Guest Star in a Web Series for the 2010 Streamy Awards:

“Wow. *smiles* Thank you for this. Despite how some people this evening seem to feel towards web television, I really believe that this is a wonderful new medium that deserves its place amongst mainstream TV or film productions. People who don’t have a studio backing are able to create something they care about and have a platform to share it with the world. All of you deserve applause, not mockery. You deserve to be recognized and thanked, not insulted. I of course want to thank the wonderful people working on The Guild; Felicia Day, Sean Becker and Kim Evey. No one works harder or cares more about the integrity of the work that they produce. I love working on your show, I love the fans that watch and support us and I just want to say thank you for *never* making it feel like jury duty.”

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  1. This is a great way to express yourself – and your speech is a kabillion times better than most of what was said last night. I think we are right to be disappointed about the tone and events. I hope that there is some serious soul searching being done so this doesn’t happen again.

    And you *rock* as Riley :)

  2. Michele,

    You and the whole Guild crew have led by example throughout both the event and the aftermath. By reading this blog, and feeling the love from it, the bad parts of the Streamys are forgotten. Keep your heads held high because you all embody what is so really great about web-generated content. Thank you for this post.

    I look forward to seeing Solo soon. Good luck with whatever else you have planned.


  3. Well written, nicely said. Once again you have shown what a lovely, classy person you are, Michele. They need to look to people like you to truly understand what this event should have been at its core.

  4. You are so right on this, it’s amazing that those people don’t understand that people actually try to make a living out of this, spend a lot of time and effort in making Web Series with whole their heart. And then some nitwits spoil it, by making cheap, low jokes (like this idiot that “invites” Felicia for one of his adult movie productions….i was like….you got to be kidding here?!). I wouldn’t be surprised if the streakers were actually paid by the organisation to “spice up” the awards….it would fit perfectly fit in the general feeling i had in the production. Too cheap, too easy, respectless towards the contributors and people that consider the Streamy awards as serious business.

    The Guild and some other nice production and their crew did win overall because they stayed well mannered, friendly and not flat. And i guess all those people that left halfway the show belonged to the same well mannered people there. Probably they thought: “i don’t want to be part of this B*llshit, cyaaa!”.

    I hope there will be a Streamy Awards in 2010 because after the 2010 edition….i would not be surprised (potential) sponsors would step back and pass for Corporate Sponsorship.

  5. Aww, i can’t modify the post afterwards, but i meant the Streamy Awards in 2011 ofc :)

  6. *claps* Bravo.

    Listening to Kevin Pollak was -painful-. The streamys disappointed me because, like you said, it should have been a celebration of the medium. Your comments are spot on.

    You and the whole Guild crew have been amazing!

  7. Kevin Pollack really said that? I can’t believe it -_-
    I stopped watching it after 30 minutes becouse i felt robbed. I was so pumped up for this award show :(

    Great speech and great way to express your feelings towards the web community.

    Good luck with SOLO and i hope you will be nominated for the new, better, polished Streamys next year :)

    Like Dani wrote: You win in life !

  8. Needs more crying, thanking $DIETY, and extended family members. But other than that…

    Well said.

  9. Well said, you win. You guys are part of a disruption that Hollywood wants to ignore, they should pay attention to what hapenned to the music label when they ignored their disruption.

    To quote Albert Einstein:

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”

  10. The fans love you too, Michele. And honestly, a web series starring the Guild cast going in for jury duty would be 100 times better than the 2010 Streamy Awards.

  11. Very gracious and respectful speech. Far better than the others you mentioned. Missed watching due to work, and now feel better I did. While I feel my issues with the winner of the comedy has created an arch-nemesis. I do believe that web series are an amazing product of creativity and love people have for their craft. And should be shown the respect and honor it deserves. As I have mentioned before in various blogs etc… The Guild was my first web series I have seen, and will always continue to be my most favorite out of loyalty and the fact it is still an awesome series. Since I started watching, I’ve run across other really great shows. All of whom truly deserve recognition, respect and praise. From what I hear from this last awards… All I have to say is, “Grrrr…”
    All I have to say to all the web series creators, actors and crews out there is, never ever stop. Let your passion fueled dreams live, and don’t be dishearten by what seems the favoritism and lack of recognition squash your fire. There are people out there that do love and respect your work.
    Thus ends my estremely early-coffeeless-should-be-sleeping-in comment. Just had to say this.

    Thank you Michele, awesome blog. :)

    Cheers to all those who continue to create awesomeness!

  12. I wouldn’t give much thought to what Kevin Pollack says. He seems to think calling Web TV “intervision” is a good idea. Every time I hear him say it my eyes roll involuntarily.

    You guys really do a top quality job. And despite the farce that was the ’10 streamys, I feel fairly confident that everyone watching The Guild would be happy to send you some chrome sprayed fettuccini to show their appreciation for your work. ;)

  13. I didn’t watch the show (I’m in a hotel with internet that seems reluctant to stream live video), but it was impossible not to hear the aftermath.

    The good news is, given the universal reaction, the Streamys presenters are unlikely to make these same mistakes again.

  14. /applauds
    Well said :D

    And don’t worry about Kevin Pollak, his who shtick is being an asshole. And besides that, wtf has Kevin Pollak done recently anyway? Come to think of it “being asked to work on a friend’s web series (read: movie)” seems to be the only way he gets work ANYWAY. I can just imagine that casting decision:
    “Quick, we’ve got this part for a condescending asshole we need filled right away!”
    “Dane Cook?”
    “No, we need someone old and unattractive.”
    “Robert De Niro?”
    “No, we don’t have enough money to be an actual GOOD actor.”
    “Kevin Pollak?”

  15. I actually thought Pollak was funny. Only because I know he’s a comedian & he was trying to entertain. He did also try to go “I was just kidding” when he said those people should be nominated. *shrug* I took it as a comedian trying to be funny. I think it didn’t work out well because of everything else that went on that night.

    The 1st year it was a cool awards ceremony. This year, it was “hey, let’s show ’em how edgy we can be.” Edgy turned into crappy jokes, F-bombs & other stuff that made it look less like an awards ceremony. I thought it was a joke at first when they said they didn’t have rehearsals. Then it was a horrible realization of “Oh hell. They really didn’t.” They gave an apology letter that, to me, sounded half-hearted.

    “We have learned much from the mistakes of this year…” That kinda ticked me off. These were “mistakes” that a professional awards ceremony never should’ve allowed to happen. I’m really concerned for next year. Maybe there’ll be a 3rd year, but will there be a 4th? I hope this will return better & stronger than ever because everyone there & the rest of the community that tries to prove the viability & entertainment of the web deserves this kind of recognition.

  16. Very well said! (And if I were an actress, I would guest star on The Guild any day of the week. What’s wrong with that guy?)

    BTW, I like your blog design! This is my first time visiting, and I’m definitely coming back.

  17. Wow. Well, what i can say- you really have something. I am really impressed, beacause now I know that Michele Boyd is not just a great actress- she’s a great person. Michele, I just hope you can reach anything you want on your path, for a person with such a strong sense of honor and loyalty to friends and co-workers just deserves it.

    BTW Greetings from Italy (yep, this explains bad english typing), we just LOVE the Guild, and we’re spreading links like a mass infection. Keep up with the good work!

    (p.s., just tell me and i will place a rabid badger in mr. Pollak’s office uniform. A rabid badger with lobsters on its claws. DIRE lobsters. On a DIRE rabid badger.)

  18. <3 the new theme.

    the only advice i have to pass on this week has
    been a common theme amongst my fellow academic compatriots.

    "theres always grad school"



  19. Great speech I’d have nominated you. Hope you get a permanent spot on The Guild seeing you on there makes me want to watch it more and look forward to a new episode. Keep up the great work!

  20. Dear michelle, I’m so sorry to read this. I like the guild and I like your acting skills in it. I feel it is professionaly done and I fully support what you are writting and I believe you are right. It is such a wonderful medium to produce your own show and test your creative ideas. It is a real asset. I would never have been able to enjoy the show without the medium and I love the show. Kind regards, Johan

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