Magic: the Gathering TODAY on Xbox Live from 4pm-6pm PST

Wanna see my fairly n00bish skills at Magic: the Gathering up close and personal? ;)

Team Unicorn was invited to play a “Game with Fame” with Magic 2012: Duels of the Planeswalkers event on XBL later today. Out of the four of us, Clare Grant is definitely the master Magic guru, but I at least count on getting pwned at least a few times. ;)

The official information for the event is here as well as a Facebook page for the event, but due to XBox’s limits on friend lists, here’s how this is going to go down.

I’m going to tweet out about the event again at around 3:30pm or so. IF YOU WANT TO PLAY ME (ensuring at least ten minutes of probable cursing such as “Fie on you, doublestrike!” or “Unblockable flying my #@^&….”), please direct message or @reply me your XBL gamertag on Twitter. I will be writing gamertags down and at 4pm, will start going down the list and inviting you to games.

Per the recommendation of the MtG guys, I’ll only be doing two-player games so as to play the max amount of people possible (Does that make me a Magic slut? DON’T JUDGE ME!). HOWEVER, I can party chat with as many as 7 people at one time (…heh), so let me know if you just want to say hi as I don’t want to exclude you non-Magic players.

I will NOT be responding to random party/game invites. Tweet me during that time frame and I promise I’ll respond one way or another.

Also, take a page from Wil Wheaton. Don’t be a dick. Should go without saying, but I reserve the right to immediately block or kick anyone who doesn’t abide by the Rule Of The Wil.

Hope to see you online!!! I’m super excited about the event and saying hi to as many of you as I can. If you don’t get to play with me, try the other girls. “ClareUnicorn”, “RileahUnicorn” and “MilynnUnicorn” were all created for this event and they’ll be on at the same time today

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