IndieCade Video Game Awards 2011

We were so excited to have been asked to present an award at the IndieCade Independent Video Game Awards this year! Let’s be honest, we’ll use any excuse possible to dress up. ;)


I gotta love any awards show that holds a giant RoShamBo contest in the middle of it ;) Between that and the Magic: The Gathering card sets they were passing out, I’d say we had a good time.

The games themselves were everything from what looked like a Kiss-O-Meter to a pretty sophisticated looking one called Sword and Sorcery, but extra awesome-name bonus points had to go towards ‘Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure.”

I get super caught up in the big name games (been spending FAR too much time going through the various multi-players on Gears3 lately), but it’s really good to see recognition happening for the smaller independent games that don’t have that large studio backing.  It’s funny; indie movies are getting so much more “cred”, but there’s still not as much recognition to the independent side of anything else yet.  Hopefully things like IndieCade are only the tip of the iceberg.

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