Booked NCIS: LA on CBS!

Michele Boyd on NCIS: LA

A planned trip to Hawaii took a bit of a backseat when I ended up booking three days on NCIS: LA! An actor’s life, indeed.

I’ve gone in for all of the NCIS shows quite often.  They’re actually some of my favorite shows to go in for, because instead of the traditional casting office room where you’re only doing your audition in front of casting and a video camera, the NCIS shows tend to bring you straight to producers and the director! It can be a little intimidating at first, but after a while you just half to adjust and walk in already focused on the job you’re about to do.  I try to look around and smile and say hello, but my brain is already on the camera and the reader.  They let you do your work, say thank you and you’re on your merry way.  It’s also a big compliment as an actor that casting would trust you enough to send you directly to the people making the final decisions.

What seemed a small role in the beginning ended up being a three day booking.  I love when jobs turn out that way.  I played an EMT chastising Chris O’Donnell after getting shot (which is apparently a common occurrence for him. Who knew?).  Really great cast and crew (obviously), and I’m looking forward to the next job!

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