Greetings Nerd-dom, our festival has arrived. I will be leaving in a few short hours, suitcase and garment bag in hand, to head down to Comic Con! I’m truly psyched for this year. Most of my close friends are going to be down there for their various panels, The Guild’s panel is at a larger room this year to hopefully accommodate all of our fantabulous fans, and our shiny hotel room is booked and waiting RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the convention center. I may be the tiniest bit giddy right now. In addition to The Guild’s panel on Saturday, I’ve been invited to join‘s panel entitled “The State of Geekdom” which will be streaming live (from a YACHT!) at 4pm on Friday afternoon. So, if you could not make it out to San Diego this year or are perhaps taking a mid-convention break next to your laptop, check it […]