Happy Birthday

Michele Boyd on The Guild Set

Michele, you’re one more year older today (not yesterday, sorry Internets) and I wanted to hijack your blog to properly wish you a very happy birthday. In the short time I have known you, I’ve come to realize how cool of a person you really are.

You’re definitely a gamer, which is always good for us nerd-types (yes you’re a nerd too).

You’re also cool calm and collected while being laid back, which is difficult to be in this day and age!

Michele Boyd on The Guild Set Laid Back

Dani (@maxsummers) from The Guild Community had a great little birthday project and some of your fans wanted to give you some brief birthday messages. Please click on the following image:

Michele Boyd Fan Birthday Map

I am sure Michele will mention her new web series, SOLO, further as the episodes are released, but here is a picture of Michele from this upcoming series given to me by @SOLOTheSeries:

Michele Boyd on SOLO the web series

Make sure to keep checking back here and on SOLO’s website for all the info on that.

Once again, Michele, from myself and all your fans, we wish you a very happiest of birthdays, both today and yesterday. If anyone else would like to leave Michele some well wishes, please comment right below.


31 comments on “Happy Birthday

  1. And a third wishing of a happy birthday to Michele. I hope she enjoys it. May it be awesome :D

    (Apparently my lack of sleep has allowed me to be the first to comment here… And it’s my first time reading Michele’s blog, too :P)

  2. Hey Michele! Happy B-Day! I wanted to contribute my well-wishes and virtual confetti throwing with everyone from The Guild Community! Have an awesome day and I can’t wait to see SOLO! :)

  3. Yey!
    Happy birthday Michele!
    Can’t wait to see you in the final Guild Season 3 episodes and I’ll definitely watch SOLO.

    You are awesome!
    Have a great day!

  4. Happy birthday to the girl who scares me the most. Your character is so frightening on The Guild that I’m totally afraid I’ll get smacked for not getting you an appropriate gift!

    Happy Birthday, and great acting!


  5. Happy Birthday Michele! :) Many more years to u of drop dead gorgeous tall & hot looks! Looking forward to more Riley and more of your post-Guild work. Hope u get ur birthday wish! :)

  6. Woo! Thanks for doing this Dani!
    What Dani said… look forward to seeing you in the rest of The Guild Season 3 :)

    Enjoy your day!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Michele! Loving season 3 so far, looking forward to SOLO. Please continue to tweet about nerdy things, like science and gaming. :)

  8. Gee. I will just go along with everyone else and wish you all the best for you very special two day HAPPY BIRTHDAY thingy.

    Take care and stay the way you are. Even though I barely know you the things I know makes you adorable.


  9. don’t believe a word of the following Happy birthday

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  10. Happy birthday to my favorite and only celebrity interviewee! You really do rock, and Riley is one scary intimidating gamer girl!

  11. Happy Birthday Michele! Wish you an amazing day with your family and your friends. Hope you enjoy it!

    Best wishes from Germany!

  12. Thank you to EVERYONE! I haven’t posted about it yet, but my birthday wish came true! I booked another episodic, FlashForward! Am really psyched about it, that’s one of my favorite new shows of the season. :) Thank you guys again for all the felicitations, it means a LOT.

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