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Team Unicorn

I’m essentially just going to copy and paste what I’ve written on Facebook regarding my former production partners Team Unicorn because I want to simply address the situation and move on. I originally wrote a comment on an article the girls had shared on their Facebook page because I was seeing a lot of “Where’s Michele?” comments and was unhappy about the lack of official communication. (A screenshot of their posting is below; it appears that all of the comments asking about me have since been deleted from their Facebook page, including mine) In any case, Team Unicorn informed me they’d be moving forward with projects without me back in 2013. They didn’t feel they should make any announcement about this decision until …well, I’m not entirely sure when. I tried to respect that decision as long as I could but I’m just too tired of seeing these misleading posts […]

Nerds Versus Aliens artwork now available (Featuring Team Unicorn, Nathan Fillion, Stan Lee, Seth Green and MORE!) For Charity!

I was super honored and psyched to be asked to be part of this epic project from the amazing artists at Elevendy. They had the idea to put together a ton of people in the geek community in one gigantic photo battling the Alien Forces of Darkness and auction it off for the charity Operation Smile! Featuring everyone from myself to the incomparable Stan Lee, they’re also making it available in semi-individualized prints for easier selling capability. The one with myself and the rest of Team Unicorn also includes Chris Hardwick, Joel David Moore, Grant Imahara and “Mohawk Guy” from NASA/JPL himself, Bobak Ferdowsi. Full Cast List Includes: Alex Albrecht / Cliff Bleszinski (aka CliffyB) / Michele Boyd / Jeff Cannata / Jessica Chobot / David Coleman / Felicia Day / Bobak Ferdowsi / Nathan Fillion / Clare Grant / Brea Grant / Seth Green / Alison Haislip / Chris […]

Appearing on NBC’s “The Winner Is” on July 18th as a guest expert!

I along with my lovely Team Unicorn cohorts appeared on NBC’s “The Winner Is” as guest experts deciding who moves forward in a multi-round singing competition.  Appearing on Episode 4 that premiered July 18th, we along with a other guests determine who “won” each round.  The number of votes is shown, but the contestants aren’t shown who got which result.  They can then “bet” either for or against themselves as to whether they think they won the round.  If they believe they didn’t, they can take a cash prize home with them as consolation.  A really good concept to combine singing competition and game show, plus we all get to experience some amazing singing talent! http://www.nbc.com/the-winner-is/contestants-experts/team-unicorn/ It was a little intimidating to have such a direct effect on whether these talented and brave performers would move forward in a competition that meant so much to them, but I was happy […]

My pilot with Team Unicorn ANNOUNCED on Adult Swim!

  So the info about the Team Unicorn pilot is ACTUALLY ANNOUNCED! :) per Deadline: Ahead of Adult Swim‘s upfront next Wednesday, which will feature a performance by Kanye West, the network has set a slate of new animated and live-action series, pilots and specials. It includes previously announced new half-hour animated comedy series Rick And Morty, from Community creator Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, which is set to premiere in primetime later this year; a Mike Tyson quarter-hour animated series featuring the former boxer as a mystery solver; and off-network acquisition Bob’s Burgers, which launches this summer. 2013 marks Adult Swim’s most-watched year to date among adults and males 18-24, 18-34, and 18-49. Here are details about the network’s new original series, specials and pilots: Team Unicorn– Team Unicorn is a modern send-up of Saturday morning kids’ shows featuring a team of four sexy, culture-obsessed heroines who present darkly ironic twists on 80′s cartoon tropes. From the creators of Space Ghost […]

Team Unicorn – For The Win music video is LIVE

Well, it’s finally happened.  The pop song that has been stuck in my head for the last month and a half now has a video to go along with it! Chris Zerby and Dave Foy wrote the music, Team Unicorn did the lyrics.  We’ve actually had this song for the better part of two years, but we knew pretty much from the beginning what kind of video we wanted for it and just didn’t have the money to make it the way we wanted.  Along comes Stage 5 TV (part of Red 5 Studios).   They’re also the awesome people behind the Firefall video game and my very own webseries GameChangers!  The video was directed by “Geek and Gamer Girls” alum Dave Yarvo and features cameos from (Badass) Aisha Tyler, Mythbusters’ Grant Imahara and the parody king himself, Weird Al Yankovic! I have to say we couldn’t have asked for a […]

IGN debuts the trailer for Team Unicorn’s “For The Win” music video!

The full music video will air on March 4th, 2013 on Stage5.tv, but IGN has the teaser trailer a few weeks early! I truly can’t wait for the full music video to premiere.  I can’t wait for you all to see the super secret Big Bad, the evilest supervillain of them all who is out to thwart Team Unicorn from saving the world.  March 4th, people! We shot the bulk of it in a single day out at SC Village, a paintball park about an hour outside of town.  It was BALLS COLD.  That’s the technical term for 29 effing degrees Farenheit, aka THE TEMPERATURE WHEN WE ARRIVED.  We were going for post-apocalyptic in a very real way!  Our nerd army rallied bravely as well; we did the best we could to keep everyone warm and moving.   I’ll have a more in-depth blog post on March 4th when the […]