By now I’m sure you’ve read the various blogs/rants/apologies swirling around last night’s Streamy Awards. From the technical glitches to the over-long bits, the streaking and the gay jokes, the entire event did indeed feel like a tech rehearsal gone wrong. However, it was the overall tone that the awards show took over the course of the evening that truly bothered me. Celebrities’ speeches and even prepared videos seemed to undermine and at times openly mock the medium that we were supposed to be there to celebrate. Perhaps what finally did it for me was Kevin Pollak’s intro to the Best Guest Star in a Web Series Award. It was, simply, mean. “When they asked me to present the best guest star in a web series award, I thought, ‘Wow, my ship has really come in’. ” “Because let’s face it, being asked to work on a friend’s web series […]