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Posts Tagged ‘red carpet’

2012 IAWTV Awards!

The rest of Team Unicorn and I were so excited to be nominated for “Best Variety Series” at this year’s International Academy of Web Television Awards, being held in Las Vegas’s CES convention.  We were also invited to be presenters for Best Costume Design, Best Makeup/Special Effects and Best Visual Effects alongside Nar Williams from Fanboy Funhouse! After last year’s fairly disastrous effort (when IAWTV and The Streamy’s were the same award show), we’d all been a little trepidatious about this year, but thankfully, from the response time to all of our questions to the really well done rehearsal beforehand (REHEARSAL this year! Yay!), we felt like it was going to go a lot better.  And it didn’t disappoint! Clare and I came into Vegas the day before to settle into our hotel room. I’m always amazed at how much more beautiful Vegas is at night.  During the day, it’s flat, ugly […]

IndieCade Video Game Awards 2011

We were so excited to have been asked to present an award at the IndieCade Independent Video Game Awards this year! Let’s be honest, we’ll use any excuse possible to dress up. ;)   I gotta love any awards show that holds a giant RoShamBo contest in the middle of it ;) Between that and the Magic: The Gathering card sets they were passing out, I’d say we had a good time. The games themselves were everything from what looked like a Kiss-O-Meter to a pretty sophisticated looking one called Sword and Sorcery, but extra awesome-name bonus points had to go towards ‘Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure.” I get super caught up in the big name games (been spending FAR too much time going through the various multi-players on Gears3 lately), but it’s really good to see recognition happening for the smaller independent games that don’t have that large studio backing.  […]