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Posts Tagged ‘press’

Girl Gamer @ 2009 Dr. Horrible/The Guild Screening for Charity!

So Cricket Lee (the awesome gamer girl behind…well…GirlGamer) caught me at the Beverly Regency Theater at the benefit screening for the charity Kids Need to Read.  Considering I never had my head out of a book for more than 30 seconds at a time while I was growing up and was a proud winner of EVERY summer reading contest imaginable at the Coronado Public Library at age 10, I was so excited to go to this screening for a myriad of reasons. I gotta say, being able to see Dr. Horrible and The Guild on a big screen was fantastic, and of course, the fans were amazing. They turned it into a REAL Sing-Along-Blog! The interview also has clips from Vince Caso aka “Dude with the hair” ;) and the great people at Whedonopolis.com, who had put on the event: Cricket and I knew each other from shooting Season 2 […]

Wow.com at E3!

‘s Mike Schramm from caught up with me at the E3 expo. Got mocked a bit for not having been to Northrend yet, but in time, my friends, in time.

“The Guild” Featured in Time Magazine!

“The Guild” Seasons 1 and 2 were listed in Time Magazine’s top five “Short List of Things to Do” Feature for the week of May 22nd! —————————— Friday, May. 22, 2009 The Guild, Seasons 1 and 2 By Now Available on DVD When an online-fantasy gamer (Felicia Day) gets a real-life visit from her needy, smitten fellow role player (Sandeep Parikh, right), she finds out that some friendships are better left virtual. A hugely popular Web series, this oddball geek-bonding comedy is strange magic. * Find this article at http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1870628_1900464_1900466,00.html —————————— Check out the divine picture of Sandeep all sprayed up with Pam….hee.

“Evolution of Ethan Baskin” at Cannes 2009!

Just found out a short film I did last year with Jason London titled “The Evolution of Ethan Baskin” is premiering at Cannes Short Film Corner! Congrats to my co-star Jason and the director Josh Monkarsh! The link to the full story: Beverly Hills Filmmaker Catapults to Cannes With His Film The Evolution Of Ethan Baskin to Premiere at the Cannes Short Film Corner The IMDB link for the film: “The Evolution of Ethan Baskin (2009)”

Interview with “The Hunting Lodge”

Brigwyn runs a World of Warcraft insider website called The Hunting Lodge. After appearing on The Guild, Brigwyn contacted me (via Twitter!) to set up the interview. I answered questions on everything from how I switched from neuroscience to acting to how badly I could kick Codex’s ass on The Guild with my “martial arts ninja skills.” ;) Read the whole interview at his website!

Knights of the Guild Podcast Interview

Skype interview with the official podcast for “The Guild” with superfans Kenny and Jenni! I was privileged enough to be interviewed for their very first podcast episode (the description of which is here), or you can go straight to the .mp3 link for the podcast! You can also subscribe to the Knights of the Guild podcast on iTunes by clicking here! (will open iTunes).