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Posts Tagged ‘music’

G33k & G4M3R Girls Video!!

Oh my dear sweet baby Skywalker. I never, NEVER expected that in a mere month, we could do something like this. Milynn and I were on the way back from the beach on a gorgeous California day. We were amped up for Comic Con the next week and the fairly painful game of volleyball we had just played in Venice when Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” comes on the radio. We’re singing along and Milynn shouts over the wind and the catchy beats: “We should totally do a parody of this! About geeky girls!” I think my reaction was somewhere along the lines of “Whuh?” She caught me up in her fervor, we started coming up with lyrics in the car, and a month later we cut to THIS: So crazy. We originally were thinking we could get something together to release before Comic Con, an idea that was both adorably […]

Playlist to create by

I’m a true child of the city. For me, this means that I think better when there is a constant stream of white noise that I can block out entirely. It’s the reason I could never study in the library at college; it was so damn quiet that any scrape of a chair, any turning of a page would distract me. My favorite place to go was our school’s Memorial Union building, it was where the post office, bookstore and travel office all came together. It also had the most awesome room looking out onto our quad with huge square cushions where one could set up books/laptops/various studying accoutrements. With the constant stream of students in and out and the bursts of noise from the requisite frisbee-players outside, it was the perfect place for me to concentrate fully on whatever was in front of me. The same applies now. Minus […]