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Posts Tagged ‘MtG’

Michele and Day[9] on Spellslingers Gag Reel!

Because you shouldn’t have to go through a day without watching the hilarious antics of Day[9].

Guesting on Geek & Sundry’s Magic: the Gathering show “Spellslingers” with day[9]!

Ever since working on “The Guild” I’ve been lucky enough to be invited back to guest on Felicia Day’s network “Geek and Sundry” for some of her other shows. The first was “Tabletop“, a tabletop gaming show hosted by Wil Wheaton where I got thoroughly trounced by him, Amber Benson and Meghan Camerena (strawburry17 on YouTube). Now it’s on to play some Magic: the Gathering with day[9]’s Sean Plott.  I learned I say “huzzah” a lot and have a very big aversion to cracking joints.

Magic: the Gathering TODAY on Xbox Live from 4pm-6pm PST

Wanna see my fairly n00bish skills at Magic: the Gathering up close and personal? ;) Team Unicorn was invited to play a “Game with Fame” with Magic 2012: Duels of the Planeswalkers event on XBL later today. Out of the four of us, Clare Grant is definitely the master Magic guru, but I at least count on getting pwned at least a few times. ;) The official information for the event is here as well as a Facebook page for the event, but due to XBox’s limits on friend lists, here’s how this is going to go down. I’m going to tweet out about the event again at around 3:30pm or so. IF YOU WANT TO PLAY ME (ensuring at least ten minutes of probable cursing such as “Fie on you, doublestrike!” or “Unblockable flying my #@^&….”), please direct message or @reply me your XBL gamertag on Twitter. I will […]