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Posts Tagged ‘life’

Ask questions. #Kony2012

The Kony2012 video (for the 1% of you who haven’t seen it yet, it is here) is a brilliant piece of filmmaking.  It’s 30 minutes of  sympathetic and evocative imagery, tugging at your heartstrings and tapping into that inherent sense of altruism that I personally believe is one of the three keys to happiness (the other two being sex and food, but let’s not get into that here).  It also is a fantastic reminder that social media like Facebook and Twitter can be used for recognition of people who are not just celebrities, actors or athletes. People like Joseph Kony. It’s also overly simplistic and potentially dangerous. Here’s why I still support it: The backlash against Invisible Children suffers from the same problems that the initial wave of support does. To simply look at a film like this and dismiss its central message based on seemingly contradictive details is too […]

Twitter is analogous to “Everybody Poops”

I occasionally take Twitter a little for granted. Not that I’m not appreciative of the way that it works for me personally, but I forget that it connects other people the same way.  I came across a conversation between Neil Gaiman and Laurell K. Hamilton (Two of my very favorite authors. I credit Hamilton’s Anita Blake for a lot of my sarcastic replies growing up.) I went through an entire SLEW of emotions here, people.  In the space of about three seconds. 1. Surprise Wait, they KNOW each other?? They’re REAL? 2. Self-patronization Of course they’re real people, nutjob. You’ve been following Neil for years on Twitter, and even though it never occurred to you to look up and follow Laurell, she wasn’t a mythical being. You saw her on book tour.  You totally stalked her autograph for A Kiss of Shadows! And it makes sense they know each other, […]

Christmas Gifts!

Yeah I know, I know. It’s too late to ACTUALLY get any of these things for other people. But I bet there are people that got you so-so presents and COMPLETELY neglected your direct wish to get that full-size replica of you encased in carbonite. Here’s a few things that I thought would be made of awesome.     ——— ACCESSORIES ——— Leather Skull Clutch from missselfridge.com – $31 I have very few fun purses, but this one is awesome. Plus the entire site has a ton of cheap and offbeat gear, even despite the fact that it will be shipped from the UK.                     My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Hat from etsy.com – $31 I had to have ONE unicorn item, and this is absolutely it. This will have to compete with my Artemis hat for dominance when I’m shredding […]

Seattle, ho!

I used to travel all the time. At first by necessity due to my parents’ military life, and then by choice. I could argue that it was due to a new school or a new job opportunity, but in all honesty, I just love traveling. I haven’t been able to do nearly as much of it as I’d like lately, mostly because its a well-known secret in “the biz” that the quickest way to book a job is to book a ticket.  As in, I’d make plans to head up to San Francisco for the week and get two amazing auditions during those same days. However, this time I was determined.  I’d never been to Seattle and I’d always wanted to go.  I still don’t own a laptop and was trying out a friend’s iPad to see if that would be an acceptable substitute for working while I was out […]

G33k & G4M3R Girls Song Lyrics!!

I know Break.com is working on getting an official link to the lyrics up, but in the meantime, here they are! —— “G33k & G4M3R Girls” Greetings friends…. Don’t you want to meet a nice girl? (First verse) I, know a place Where the gamer scores are so extreme (bloop boop boop!) Dune, D & D, Where Rand al’Thor still reigns supreme Questin’, in Hyrule Dominating Final Fantasy (Seven) (yeah yeah, siete) Those boys Losin’ sleep Tryin’ ta keep up with our l33t sp34k (what up, n00bs?) (n00b sauce) Be a part of our world In latex and bows Cuz’ these girls play cos’ Set our phasers to stun You’ll be falling in love Ooooooh oh ooooooh (Chorus) Geek and Gamer girls We’re unbelievable Comic books And Manga in stock Hasbro toys So rare We got the mail-away Ooooooh oh ooooooh Geek and Gamer girls We’re undefeatable FPS Achievement unlocked […]

Photoshoot with Mari Provencher!

So anyone’s who’s seen photos from this past Comic Con may know my closest friends and I cosplayed as The Sailor Scouts (which was both awesome and probably the geekiest thing I’ve ever done) Well, our own Sailor Mercury (cosplayed by Mari Provencher) is a very accomplished photographer. I was looking for some shots that weren’t quite so “headshot-y”. Here are some of the photos from the shoot, which I was VERY pleased with!! See more of the shoot on my Flickr Photostream.