Halloween!!! Absolutely my number one favorite holiday. Not just because it’s two days after my birthday, but because it’s when all the cosplayers of the world can shake their collective heads and say “Amateurs.” My Team Unicorn girls and I were asked to host a costume contest alongside Matt with Smodcast’s “Bagged and Boarded” at Golden Apple Comics(also known as “the place that gets all my money”). The resulting podcast will be up soon, but I was so psyched at all the costumes people came out with!! While the winner was (by audience choice) a fantastically accurate Edward Scissorhands, the close runner-up was a hardy male in a rocking Hit-Girl outfit. The fun surprise was when they turned out to be a couple! Shoulda known awesome would attract awesome. ;) I went with a character I’d been a fan of for a while. Plus I already owned most of her […]