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Posts Tagged ‘geek cred’

Geek Cred…Engage!

The launch party for my new show “Geek Cred” was so much fun! The main man behind it all, Daniel Beals, is a genuine lover of comics and all things geek. They launched the IndieGogo campaign on Wed, Feb 5th with a goal of $36,000 to try and fund the entire first season of the show. But the lovely thing about IndieGogo is that you can keep any and all money raised, so at the very least, you guys will definitely get to see a few episodes before ComicCon. More info: GEEK CRED is a new workplace comedy series set in a comic book store. Created by Daniel Beals (Mediating Kidnapper, Old Rivalry, The Zombie Whisperer) the show stars Michele Boyd (Team Unicorn, How I Met Your Mother, FlashForward), Wes Robertson (Dwelling, Blunderkind, Hell & Mr. Fudge), Damion Poitier (True Blood, Pair of Kings, Hunter Prey and The Avengers), and […]

Coming soon….”Geek Cred”!

  Already a wonderful write-up from http://nerdreactor.com about my new webseries “Geek Cred”! I’ll be writing more about this soon, but for now, Check it out: Sports fans have The League, gamers have The Guild, and office workers have…The Office. But what about the comic book fan? There will be an Indiegogo campaign that will launch in February 2014 for Geek Cred, a comedy series that follows a small group of comic book lovers at a comic book store. The show will premiere in late May. I say it’s a good year for comic book fans Check out the synopsis: GEEK CRED is a new comedy centered around the pop culture-laden misadventures of Callie and Ben, employees at a comic book store, their aloof boss Spencer and Jerome, a regular customer who always gets mixed up in the employees’ adventures. Geek Cred isn’t just ABOUT fans; it is legitimately BY fans. Starring Michele Boyd (Team […]