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Posts Tagged ‘geek cred’

Geek Cred Ep 5: Nerdrage Against the Machine (Season Finale!)

Season Finale!! The final episode of the season! Last but not least! Insert other cliche here! Truly sad to see the season of such a fun show come to an end. But if the YouTube comments are any indication, there’s definitely enough support to throw towards a second season! :D                 I’d be thrilled to work with any of these people again and god knows, there’s more than enough storylines in a comic store to go around. In the season finale, we see a showdown between Ben (Wes Robertson) and his most hated nemesis: the author of a mainstream-acclaimed comic ‘Walkabout Assassin’ that Ben simply can’t stand. Callie and Spencer must stop him from sabotaging the signing with the help of spray cheese! If you’re eagle-eyed, you may spot the simply fantastic art by Dean Zachary (http://deanzacharyart.com/) that was put together for this […]

Geek Cred Ep. 4: The New Status (Quid Pro) Quo

Only one more episode left!!! I can’t believe how quickly they’re going by. We shot all 5 episodes over 6 nights at The Comic Bug down in Manhattan Beach. We got extremely lucky to have such a great location that was willing to have a camera crew and raggedy actors tramping all over their store, oohing and ahhing over the latest merchandise. They basically had to pry me away from the Doctor Who collectibles because I want an Ood SO FREAKIN MUCH. This episode also brought some well received estrogen into the store in the form of MeganMichelle (Miley Yamamoto) as the new girl hired by Spencer to take a missing employee’s place. We also got an actual superhero! Mike O’Hearn (American Gladiators) has played Superman in the past, but he guest starred this week as MeganMichelle’s hunky boytoy Caleb. Check out the rest of the episodes on Geek Cred’s […]

Geek Cred Ep. 3: “To Hoth or not to Hoth”

This episode was the first one we shot, and probably my favorite one so far! I really love working with Wes, he’s got such great comic timing and is so fun to banter back and forth with! I promise I don’t hate him as much as my character seems to ;) In this episode, Ben (Wes Robertson) breaks the air conditioning on the hottest day of the year. Hilarity ensues, including a human taun-taun. Working on a show like this always has its challenges. We were shooting in a real comic book store, so in order to accommodate the real customers, we had to shoot entirely at night. Essentially, every episode you see is fueled by Red Bull. The advantage is that we’re in a real freakin comic book store! There’s almost always a decent amount of downtime for the actors as production resets shots or changes camera angles. One […]

Geek Cred Episode 2: “Detective Comics Store”

Almost 5,000 views on our first episode!! Yay! So glad for all the positive feedback and excited to release the second episode! When one of Spencer’s prize comics goes missing, EVERYONE’S a suspect in this week’s GEEK CRED. Guest starring Parks & Recreation’s JIM O’HEIR. As a huge fan of Parks & Rec, I was so thrilled to work with Jim O’Heir! If for some insane reason you don’t watch that show, you may also recognize him from the Justin Long film “Accepted“! But really, if you’re not watching Parks & Rec, there’s probably something more seriously wrong with you. Jim is really great and funny and it’s so great he came out to work with us! You can keep up with even more GEEK CRED news by going to its website http://geekcredseries.com!

Geek Cred Episode 1: “NEW COMICS DAY CRISIS”

It’s here! It’s here! The first episode of my newest series GEEK CRED is here! True to my argumentative core, my character CALLIE immediately gets into a battle of wits with fellow comic book store employee BEN (Wes Robertson) over whether Wonder Woman’s costume could be deemed a tactical advantage. I truly loved working on this show and all the scenarios are pretty true to life thanks to writer/director Daniel Beals (playing SPENCER)’s real world experience working at a comic store. You also get to meet Damion Poitier (Jarhead, Avengers) as regular customer JEROME, who really should be working at the store himself. And we’ve already got some writeups! Thanks to all the wonderful people who’ve covered the show so far, hope you continue watching! Adventures in Poor Taste                 Strawburry17                     Defective Geeks […]

Geek Cred Teaser Trailer!

My new webseries Geek Cred premieres June 18th! But a teaser trailer is available to show a sneak peek of the first five episodes!