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Posts Tagged ‘firefall’

Firefall Live Action Trailer

I was asked to reprise my role as the video game Firefall’s most badass engineer, “Mourningstar”.   Them putting me in a jet pack was just amazing icing on the RPG cupcake. The special effects on this trailer are truly epic, and I always love working with this crew! They disabled embedding for this video, but you can check out the YouTube vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drgUQbYZFMY&feature=share&list=TLSVw2pdrAptI    

Team Unicorn at Red 5 Studios’ FIREFALL FEST!

While I’ve worked with Red 5 before (webseries! coming soon! :) ) on my own, the rest of the Team hadn’t gotten to meet with them yet. So as part of their promotion for Firefall (a free-to-play MMORPG), Red 5 was launching a week long affair called Firefall Fest, where they invited various people to come and play for a few hours to try out the game for themselves! Live. Streaming. The entire live stream from that morning is below. Want it in HD? http://youtu.be/FOuZrZCYiLo?hd=1 It was especially cool for me because I got to see the set where my in-studio stuff for the webseries with Red 5 would also be shooting. It looks so cool!!! I can’t wait to start filming again (And I’m not saying any more about it. The name may change and I don’t want to start teasing it too soon. But SO fun! :)) While none […]