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Posts Tagged ‘cosplay’

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay at SDCC 2015

I always enjoy a good group cosplay. The groups are easier to recognize than something on its own, it always gets more attention and I love being with other people who’ve put just as much effort as I have into this weird thing that I enjoy.      From LA Weekly: http://www.laweekly.com/slideshow/the-cosplay-of-comic-con-san-diego-2015-5798073/32 This one all stemmed from my sister wanting to do a Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay but didn’t really take shape ’til a friend mentioned they were able to make a Baby Groot costume.  Opting for Gamora myself, the costume slowly began to take shape. Surprisingly, a decent base costume was fairly easy to find on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Disguise-Womens-Marvel-Guardians-Costume/dp/B00J3QGH0Y It didn’t have the right leggings, but as I was going to wear some over-the-knee boots, I didn’t mind too much. It had the main costume, the glovelets and the boot covers, which was a pretty good base to build off of. I […]

Season Finale of GameChangers! (Where we punch out a Parkour Bear and I cosplay as Faith)

The season finale is upon us.  The last episode of GameChangers is out in the world, ironically where we tackle the first type of gaming there is: Platforming! You see this type of gaming in everything from Donkey Kong to Super Mario Brothers to Assassin’s Creed.   And since we were focusing so much on the games influenced by platforming, OF COURSE we wanted to dress up a little.   While Parkour/Freerunning is an insane workout under any circumstances, what the video isn’t showing you is that we were shooting overnight from 8pm to 6am.  The energy drinks were free flowing almost as much as the sleep-deprivation-induced profanity. “Fuck you, Bear!” became somewhat of a mantra on the day, as we frail GameChanging humans couldn’t compete with the amazingness of the Tempest Academy team.  The Tempest Academy parkour gym is where just about every parkour training video in LA has […]

Sneak peek photos from upcoming Team Unicorn music video “For The Win!”

Words cannot even describe how much epic awesomeness will be happening in the next Team Unicorn music video. I’m insanely excited, and while these sneak pictures are amazing, they STILL aren’t even covering the BIG surprise of the video! But it’s still a good taste of what’s to come, yes? ;) Look for another sneak peek tomorrow with a teaser video!!  

Halloween Spooktacular at Golden Apple Comics!

Halloween!!! Absolutely my number one favorite holiday. Not just because it’s two days after my birthday, but because it’s when all the cosplayers of the world can shake their collective heads and say “Amateurs.” My Team Unicorn girls and I were asked to host a costume contest alongside Matt with Smodcast’s “Bagged and Boarded” at Golden Apple Comics(also known as “the place that gets all my money”). The resulting podcast will be up soon, but I was so psyched at all the costumes people came out with!! While the winner was (by audience choice) a fantastically accurate Edward Scissorhands, the close runner-up was a hardy male in a rocking Hit-Girl outfit. The fun surprise was when they turned out to be a couple! Shoulda known awesome would attract awesome. ;) I went with a character I’d been a fan of for a while. Plus I already owned most of her […]