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Posts Tagged ‘appearances’

Appearing on NBC’s “The Winner Is” on July 18th as a guest expert!

I along with my lovely Team Unicorn cohorts appeared on NBC’s “The Winner Is” as guest experts deciding who moves forward in a multi-round singing competition.  Appearing on Episode 4 that premiered July 18th, we along with a other guests determine who “won” each round.  The number of votes is shown, but the contestants aren’t shown who got which result.  They can then “bet” either for or against themselves as to whether they think they won the round.  If they believe they didn’t, they can take a cash prize home with them as consolation.  A really good concept to combine singing competition and game show, plus we all get to experience some amazing singing talent! http://www.nbc.com/the-winner-is/contestants-experts/team-unicorn/ It was a little intimidating to have such a direct effect on whether these talented and brave performers would move forward in a competition that meant so much to them, but I was happy […]

Team Unicorn at Red 5 Studios’ FIREFALL FEST!

While I’ve worked with Red 5 before (webseries! coming soon! :) ) on my own, the rest of the Team hadn’t gotten to meet with them yet. So as part of their promotion for Firefall (a free-to-play MMORPG), Red 5 was launching a week long affair called Firefall Fest, where they invited various people to come and play for a few hours to try out the game for themselves! Live. Streaming. The entire live stream from that morning is below. Want it in HD? http://youtu.be/FOuZrZCYiLo?hd=1 It was especially cool for me because I got to see the set where my in-studio stuff for the webseries with Red 5 would also be shooting. It looks so cool!!! I can’t wait to start filming again (And I’m not saying any more about it. The name may change and I don’t want to start teasing it too soon. But SO fun! :)) While none […]

Team Unicorn’s Star Wars Kinect Panel at Emerald City Comic Con 2012

Team Unicorn’s “Star Wars Kinect” Panel at Emerald City Comic-Con 2012 is now up on YouTube! Moderated by the always fantastic Bonnie Burton from StarWars.com, we talked about our experiences with the Star Wars Kinect game as well as making far too many inappropriate Star Wars jokes in general. (Shocking, I know..) Side note, Milynn got asked to Prom! So cute!

Halloween Spooktacular at Golden Apple Comics!

Halloween!!! Absolutely my number one favorite holiday. Not just because it’s two days after my birthday, but because it’s when all the cosplayers of the world can shake their collective heads and say “Amateurs.” My Team Unicorn girls and I were asked to host a costume contest alongside Matt with Smodcast’s “Bagged and Boarded” at Golden Apple Comics(also known as “the place that gets all my money”). The resulting podcast will be up soon, but I was so psyched at all the costumes people came out with!! While the winner was (by audience choice) a fantastically accurate Edward Scissorhands, the close runner-up was a hardy male in a rocking Hit-Girl outfit. The fun surprise was when they turned out to be a couple! Shoulda known awesome would attract awesome. ;) I went with a character I’d been a fan of for a while. Plus I already owned most of her […]

Magic: the Gathering TODAY on Xbox Live from 4pm-6pm PST

Wanna see my fairly n00bish skills at Magic: the Gathering up close and personal? ;) Team Unicorn was invited to play a “Game with Fame” with Magic 2012: Duels of the Planeswalkers event on XBL later today. Out of the four of us, Clare Grant is definitely the master Magic guru, but I at least count on getting pwned at least a few times. ;) The official information for the event is here as well as a Facebook page for the event, but due to XBox’s limits on friend lists, here’s how this is going to go down. I’m going to tweet out about the event again at around 3:30pm or so. IF YOU WANT TO PLAY ME (ensuring at least ten minutes of probable cursing such as “Fie on you, doublestrike!” or “Unblockable flying my #@^&….”), please direct message or @reply me your XBL gamertag on Twitter. I will […]

Comic-Con 2010!

Greetings Nerd-dom, our festival has arrived. I will be leaving in a few short hours, suitcase and garment bag in hand, to head down to Comic Con! I’m truly psyched for this year. Most of my close friends are going to be down there for their various panels, The Guild’s panel is at a larger room this year to hopefully accommodate all of our fantabulous fans, and our shiny hotel room is booked and waiting RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the convention center. I may be the tiniest bit giddy right now. In addition to The Guild’s panel on Saturday, I’ve been invited to join GeekWeek.com‘s panel entitled “The State of Geekdom” which will be streaming live (from a YACHT!) at 4pm on Friday afternoon. So, if you could not make it out to San Diego this year or are perhaps taking a mid-convention break next to your laptop, check it […]