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Watching Thrones

A thrilling, cutting, no holds barred spoilerific after show forGame of Thrones! I cohost this show alongside Spencer Gilbert, Roth Cornet from Emmy Award-winning  with fantabulous guests ranging from comedian Kumail Nanjiani to Kristin Chenowith.  Watch me get paid to chatter about something I love!

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GEEK CRED is a new workplace comedy in the vein of Parks & Rec, Brooklyn 99 and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but set in the fantasy-fueled, manic environment of a comic book store! A store brimming with ne’er-do-well employees and unhinged customers. If you’ve seen any of the shows listed above, then you know the kind of fun show we’re making.

I’m excited to be a series regular on this hilariously fun show. It’ll begin airing on YouTube at the end of May 2014! Can’t wait to share more about it as the show goes forward!

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Team Unicorn is a multi-media production team formed in Los Angeles, California in 2010. Its members are American actresses and singers Michele Boyd (The Guild), Clare Grant (Robot Chicken), Milynn Sarley (The Gamerchick), and Rileah Vanderbilt (Hatchet). The group released their debut parody song, “G33k & G4m3r Girls” (a.k.a. the “Geek and Gamer Girls Song”) online in September 2010. The music video, spoofing Katy Perry’s, “California Gurls” was filled with geek cultural referencesand pays tribute to women who love gaming, manga, and science fiction. The video reached 1 million views in its first week online and stirred controversy over its sexy portrayal of geek girls.Team Unicorn has since released the 1950s industrial spoof, “A Very Zombie Holiday” as well as a comedic eHarmony commercial entitled, “superHarmony” on YouTube.

Team Unicorn is also well known for incorporating cameos from existing popular figures in genre culture, including Robot Chicken‘s Seth Green, Battlestar Galactica‘s Katee Sackhoff, Stan Lee, Caprica’s Magda Apanowicz and Friday the 13th‘s Derek Mears. They also often utilize directors and writers already involved in the geek and genre community, including The Guild‘s Sean Becker, Zeb Wells from Robot Chicken and Marvel Comics as well as Colton Dunn from MADtv. Popular culture references to the group include rare unicorns, named Killaire, Miss Hell, Maulin Sorely and R’lyeh, in the Whimsyshire level of Blizzard Entertainment’s video game, Diablo III. [via Wikipedia]

GameChangers is an action-packed webseries from Stage 5 TV, the studio that also developed the free-to-play RPG FireFall.  GameChangers is a combination of Mythbusters and Top Gear, testing out video game themes in the real world.   Michele Boyd hosts the series alongside Ryan Welsh and ex-American Gladiator Lee Rehrman, experimenting with everything from parkour to strapping paintball guns onto jetpacks and dueling to the death. GameChangers will be the go-to for ‘Would this actually work in real life’ for any game you’ve ever played.

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New reviews are posted every two weeks or so. Michele welcomes ideas and hopes her reviews will help other people to find the cool stuff out there in the world to do and/or read.