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Watching Thrones 2017 all in one place!

Fellow Game of Thrones people! My Screen Junkies show “Watching Thrones” has ended for another season. But you can find all episodes from this season here on a YouTube playlist! And check out my YouTube channel for individual Game of Thrones-oriented videos I’ll be putting out throughout the off season. …[read more]

Booked Amazon’s “The Last Tycoon”

Anyone who knows me knows I love dressing up for roles. A corset, a long wig, pretty much any kind of costume and I’m totally happy. Granted, that’s probably because I haven’t booked any lengthy period pieces as of yet but for those weekly roles, I’m really pleased to get …[read more]

Super Lotto Plus Commercial!

Oh yes, I am in the commercial with Sir Lucky Pants himself, the man of the California Lottery.  Let me tell you, that yacht was COLD at the break of dawn.  Click the post title to see the full commercial! :)

Booked NCIS: LA on CBS!

A planned trip to Hawaii took a bit of a backseat when I ended up booking three days on NCIS: LA! An actor’s life, indeed. I’ve gone in for all of the NCIS shows quite often.  They’re actually some of my favorite shows to go in for, because instead of …[read more]

Watching Thrones

So excited about hosting the Game of Thrones after-show “Watching Thrones” on ScreenJunkies.com! I’ll be co hosting with the fantastic Ken Napzok along with other guests. You can catch the show every week at Monday, 1pm PST at ScreenJunkies.com or in podcast form on Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher! We will …[read more]

Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay by Michele Boyd at SDCC 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay at SDCC 2015

I always enjoy a good group cosplay. The groups are easier to recognize than something on its own, it always gets more attention and I love being with other people who’ve put just as much effort as I have into this weird thing that I enjoy.      From LA …[read more]