I’m essentially just going to copy and paste what I’ve written on Facebook regarding my former production partners Team Unicorn because I want to simply address the situation and move on. I originally wrote a comment on an article the girls had shared on their Facebook page because I was seeing a lot of “Where’s Michele?” comments and was unhappy about the lack of official communication. (A screenshot of their posting is below; it appears that all of the comments asking about me have since been deleted from their Facebook page, including mine)

Screenshot 2014-03-11

In any case, Team Unicorn informed me they’d be moving forward with projects without me back in 2013. They didn’t feel they should make any announcement about this decision until …well, I’m not entirely sure when. I tried to respect that decision as long as I could but I’m just too tired of seeing these misleading posts with no explanation to fans. It does kind of break my heart to see articles like this that simply pretend I was never a part of the group, but I wish the three girls all the best. There truly are no hard feelings on my part towards anyone; there had always been some creative conflicts and I’m saddened they didn’t feel we could work past them. I wanted to leave the announcement to the group but I simply felt things had gotten too strange  not to address.

Thank you everyone for all the support. I’m still really excited to see what comes next from Team Unicorn, they’re incredibly creative and enthusiastic about the geek community. I still consider myself a Unicorn at heart, and of COURSE I love all the Unicorn fans, you guys are the best.  I’m also SUPER excited about all the new projects I’m working on (Geek CredPenny Horrors! Pilot season!)

You can see my full posting on my Facebook page (come say hi! ) here: https://www.facebook.com/micheleboydonline/posts/10152074329739102