The premiere of “Overdue Reviews”! :D

Well, as any semi-creative person will tell you, if you’re not making something, you’re slowly going insane.  I liked the idea of doing a review type vlog, but hopefully making it slightly more interesting than staring at the screen and listening to me talk.  I picked the book I was reading at the time, “Feed” by Mira Grant.  It’s a novel about bloggers after a zombie uprising and the integration they face in this new world.  It’s a good start to a trilogy and while I wasn’t as huge a fan of the subsequent two novels, hopefully this was a good start to something new!

I’m going to try to do these every couple weeks. The hardest part was figuring out the title animation on iMovie, as I’m still fairly new to this whole movie editing thing ;) But what did you think? Should I continue to do more?